NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB was created in Sweden as a daughter company of Maas Biolab and was a 100% Maas owned subsidiary in 2000. NeuroVive originally assumed the development of the acute cyclosporin neuroprotection indications of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke.  Today NeuroVive is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange and its shares are also traded in the United States on the OTCQX International Market (symbol NEVPF).   NeuroVive has advanced the NeuroSTAT® cyclosporin treatment for TBI through a successful Phase II safety and pharmacokinetics trial and also owns a portfolio of next generation cyclosporin analogues for the treatment of mitochondrial disorders, cancer, and NASH.   Additionally NeuroVive has a product (KL1333) in Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of mitochondrial disorders.  Maas Biolab remains the largest single shareholder in NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB and is long NeuroVive. 

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