About Maas Biolab

Maas Biolab is a small neuropharmaceutical company developing a treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - using cyclosporin as a neuro-protectant drug.

Maas Biolab’s patent and related intellectual property rights consist of "new use" patents, formulation patents and production patents for cyclosporins as neuroprotective agents issued in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and ARIPO (Africa), Europe (EPO), Japan, China, Russia and Mexico.
More importantly, Maas Biolab has FDA Orphan Drug Designation for cyclosporin to treat ALS.

Members of the cyclosporin family display powerful neuroprotective properties in neuro-degeneration by preventing or reducing neuron cell death, by blocking critical enzymes and free radicals and protecting the mitochondria. Pre-clinical studies show cyclosporin-A to be a powerful neuroprotectant against ALS.

The robustness of cyclosporin neuroprotection in an animal model of ALS makes it likely that it will be the first drug to have significant effect in humans. Initially, Maas Biolab intends to undertake further research, drug development, and clinical trials of cyclosporin in treating ALS toward regulatory approval.


Neurological diseases to be treated by Cyclosporin Neuroprotection

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