Helmuth C. von Moltke Steps Down From Maas Biolab, LLC Board

Albuquerque, N.M. ---November 8, 2012--- Maas Biolab, LLC announces its gratitude to Helmuth von Moltke for his 15 years of service on the Board of Managers.  Mr. von Moltke has been with Maas since before the beginning in 1997 as one of its nine founding members, and served continuously on its Board until now. Maas Biolab has benefitted tremendously from Mr. von Moltke’s wealth of experience in life and international business. He attended law school at Oxford, was a vice president of BASF, and participated in business ventures in China and central Europe. Moltke was the first business person to recognize the value and potential of cyclosporine neuroprotection. During Helmuth’s tenure, cyclosporine neuroprotection has grown from granted patents to developing products, with Mitogard® in final preclinical toxicology tests for ALS.
CEO Marcus Keep said “Our then startup Maas Biolab accomplished so much by having Helmuth and his insight and foresight on our Board. I thank him for the gift of his keen wisdom over the last decade and a half.“
As an original member of Maas Biolab, Mr. von Moltke oversaw the establishment of Maas Biolab’s daughter company NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB in Lund, Sweden. NeuroVive is now an independent and publicly traded company with cyclosporine formulations for cardioprotection and traumatic brain injury.  Mr. von Moltke will continue his commitment to cyclosporine neuroprotection as a member of the Board of Directors of NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB.   He will also continue his important work with the Krzyzowa Kreisau Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe that supports New Kreisau, an international meeting place in Silesia, Poland for young people to participate in human rights, democracy and tolerance workshops, as well as his service on the non-profit Boards of the Freya von Moltke Foundation and the Eugen Rosenstock Huessy Fund. Helmuth von Moltke will continue to be a valued partner of Maas Biolab, LLC.

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